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Sometimes it’s hard to get started, put yourself out there, and work on your photography. It was and still is hard for me too! It’s also difficult to find a photographer that you feel comfortable with and can trust to capture a shot that is reflective of you.

Whether you’re behind or in front of the camera, you’ll feel right at home here. This blog will break down the basics of photography and posing, and will hopefully inspire and motivate you to overcome your fears, capture your dream shot, or pose like a diva.

A Little About Me.

I don’t actually remember when I first fell in love with photography. All I know is that cameras were always bobbing around in my life, whether it was snapping blurry shots with a disposable camera (remember those?), taking self-portraits with a point-and-shoot, or dabbling with my parents’ older DSLR cameras.

I started this blog to track my progress and keep me accountable as I continue working on my photography. I’m far from being an expert and there’s a TON to master, but I’d love to share what I learn with you!

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